Re-imagining is a place for people who believe that the stories of the Modern world no longer sustain us, bringing us to brink of catastrophe – ecologically, economically, spiritually. Our troubles cannot be solved merely through technology, or even politics; rather, we need to re-imagine what it means to be human. We seek new stories, new poetics, new ideas – and we put our ideas and stories into action. This work requires the wisdom of those at the margins, and by those with the courage to imagine a new world. Click here to learn more.

The ReImagining Podcast

The ReImagining Podcast with Theodore Richards explores a world in crisis and transition
with guests who are taking various approaches to reimagining what it means to be human.
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Featured Articles

After the Pandemic:
Reimagining Teaching,
Parenting, & Childhood

By Theodore Richards

This is the enduring image of the pandemic: the sad and lonely child, learning “remotely.” It is the child who encapsulates this moment, the child who forces a reckoning with the world we’ve made, the future we’ve mortgaged, the cost of our hubris. It is perhaps then the only logical consequence of this system that our children should end up this way: alone, staring at a screen.


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Love and Liberation

By Dominica McBride, PhD

Living in a Mess

By Todd Hoskins


By Theodore Richards


By Mike Keating


Re-Imagining Education

Empowering educators to take a deeper look at the stories told in our schools and to re-imagine them in transformative and
nurturing learning spaces.

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Classes, workshops, and lectures that help to empower people to re-imagine who they are and their place in the world.

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Help the Chicago Wisdom Project realize its mission to re-imagine education through holistic programming that transforms individual, community and world through creative expression.

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