3 Poems

By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

Beyond Imagination

The morning sky reddens against the incoming storm
as if echoing the hues below on tree and field
Glowing garnet with flashes of gold and emerald
wildwoods and sky in competition to yield
a canvas that even Vincent never dreamed to capture.

Cimmerian Forecast

This hour is too early for the garish sun,
which lies warm and snug down behind its mountain quilt
colored now in shades of gold, burnt orange and deep maroon.
Waking, I shiver to see stars still lighting the way,
tiny beacons of hope in the gloom of autumns final days.
Winter wears a chilly wrap embellished with sparkling crystals
that belie their deadly freeze, so be forewarned.
From the chest labeled “hope,” I draw out warmth in forms
to fit this frame turned chilled and arthritic.
Once a fan of snow bunny attire, I now opt for serviceable wear –
soft, layered, sometimes stylish – still – but more importantly
able to keep “chill, stupor, and letting go” at bay.

Morning’s Taper

Grandmother Moon sits atop the pine, just outside my window.
The morning hour is too early for the garish sun,
that still slumbers behind the mountain.
The light from Grandmother is a glowing candle –
Luna light flicking from a timber taper –
illuminating the wee hours – valiantly shining to her last ember –
waking any souls daring to sleep on such a morn.

© 2018 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

About The Author

Linda M. Rhinehart Neas
Linda M. Rhinehart Neas has written three books of poetry, has contributed to various anthologies, and had a weekly column in two regional newspapersin Maine. She, also, wrote and edited an eBook, Returning to the Circle: Inspirational Wisdom from Women for Women, which is a 30-day journey of self-discovery. Linda is an educator, writer, poet, Wisdom teacher and Interfaith minister. She holds a Master of Education from UMass Amherst. She teaches English as a Second language for a non-profit as well as community college, holds workshops on writing and poetry throughout New England, and maintains a “ministry without walls” online. Linda lives in The Enchanted Cottage with her partner, Roger. She gains great insight and inspiration from her four daughters and growing number of grandchildren.




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