Beauty Beyond Preference

By David Norling

To pray is to look
With sustained and reverent attention
To attempt to picture the vision
Once it becomes visible
Like a chameleon
In plain view concealed

To notice what it evokes
Calls forth from within
To start with “people, places, and things”
And through loving attention
Come to know and see
Divine essence
Radiating from each particular thing

To listen for the music
In water, wind, and movement
To find one’s self worshiping
The gift and the giver
Because they are one
Beauty beyond preference

And finally to try
With sacrificial effort
Found only in gratitude and wonder
To make a poem/prayer
In honor of the unending particularity
The gifts that make a life

About The Author

David Norling
David Norling thinks of himself as becoming. The contexts within which the process of becoming takes place includes activities like owning and operating a carpet cleaning service, waking up with sentences that sometimes become poems, or apocalyptic aphorisms, and slow/walk/soaking in places of natural beauty. David dreams of Shalom and looks for opportunities to inspire others to consider possibilities that they’ve never imagined.  He collects his poems, musing, and other writings in a website:


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