Church and Resolutions

By Mike Keating

We tend to make resolutions and do an annual visit to church at this time of the year… these two poems are reflective of one poets view of Church and Resolutions.


I went to my church
within the woods today.
There were no
Hosannas or bread
To be broken.
No words from a pulpit,
Or musical accompaniment.
No candles or rituals
To the most high.
But, my God
spoke to me
Clearly through
The Brisk Breeze
Numbing my nose,
through the
Babbling Brook
Moving past
quieting the chatter
In my mind,
Each Step,
Each Breath,
Each Natural Note,
Each Image.
Yes, I went to my church
And my God spoke to me…
Through the wind
And the cold
Amongst the trees
And water falling
Sounding the message
“Your lucky my friend “
For  yesterday,
And the hope
For tomorrow.
Yes, I went to my
Church today
And God
Spoke to me
And I listened.


We resolve
To change
As time moves
By a single
Tick of the clock.
We resolve
To make
Right wrongs,
Or habits
Oh but what
We avoid
To encounter
The notion
Of being without…
Oh for a minute,
I suggest,
Imagine life without
For we appreciate
All the more,
When we imagine,
Life without
Them or
It may bring relief
Sometimes, Yet
If it saddens your soul
Nurture this spirit
For life
Is short

Living those ticks
And tocks of time
Feeling oneness
Within times
New Year
Is a gift.
Give in
For trueness
Is timeless
And loves

About The Author

Mike Keating
Mike has been jotting down poetic verse since his sophomore English teacher, Mr. Healy, introduced free form poetry to the class. As an Emersonian philosopher, nature plays an important role in a transcendental way in many of Mr. Keating’s poetry. Nature becomes a clear metaphor for hopes, dreams, and sadness making way for resurrection possible. Mr. Keating is a well-known businessman and is a part time professor at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts.


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