Featured Artist

By Jennifer Hereth

Artist Statement
In response to a violent year in minority communities in Chicago, 2016, my studio efforts concentrated on using my exhibiting opportunities to bring awareness where possible.

Collateral Kids, Disposable Fashions and Futures, branded our societies casual attitude towards the deaths of young African American males and young Muslim girls being sold as suicide bombers.

White Lies Madder, concentrated on the white lies white Americans tell ourselves to feel better and not face the serious ongoing racism in our nation.

Friendly Fire looked at the young children and gang family members being targeted in black on black killings as year progressed.

Images are © Jenny Hereth. All rights reserved.


About The Author

Jennifer Hereth
Jennifer Hereth is a Professor of Art at The College of DuPage. She has also taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Art as Meditation at The University of Creation and Spirituality. Jennifer is an internationally shown artist at museums across the globe. Her artwork and involvement in the arts is known for revolving around issues of social justice. She was the keynote speaker in 2016 for the Art Against Violence Conference. Jennifer is also the inventor of The Teenage Archetype Carddeck, a therapeutic tool used by psychologists across the world.


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