By Mike Keating


nothing unusual about
a sunrise
or even a sunset…
they happen when 
and where they’re 
etched by the oneness
to be within the universe.

there is nothing unusual
about the rain
or the wind that
passes by me
on any given day,
for nature is
and will be.

there is nothing unusual
about want or desire
for we wish and dream
for them to be…

subjectively known
 …it is
what it is because 
it keeps possibilities
and the absurdity
of a day
goes away
for hope
sometimes the only
we have…

Hope is…
Life’s reason

Oh, and those sunrises
sunsets, dreams and desires
are a gift…

Life is Good.

About The Author

Mike Keating
Mike has been jotting down poetic verse since his sophomore English teacher, Mr. Healy, introduced free form poetry to the class. As an Emersonian philosopher, nature plays an important role in a transcendental way in many of Mr. Keating’s poetry. Nature becomes a clear metaphor for hopes, dreams, and sadness making way for resurrection possible. Mr. Keating is a well-known businessman and is a part time professor at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts.


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