In The Shadow

By David Norling

In the shadow of Angel’s Landing
I draw a circle and wait
Small and fleshy
As vulnerable as dew in the morning sun
One by one explanations and answers
Rise and fall like days
I close my eyes and wince
And wait for them to pass
They rattle through my body
Until I slip my feet into the water
And watch them float away
Down the Virgin river
I return to my circle to listen
The breeze plays in the cottonwoods
And soars with a condor
Up the great red walls of Mukuntuweap
The straight up land
Here I can open my eyes
An awestruckdumbpilgrim
When I mingle with the hungry ghosts
That wander the earth eating all they see
My eyes offend me
Comparing and judging
Sickening my soul
I want to cut them out
Here there is wholeness
Holiness everywhere I look
It feels good to desire without consummation
To want the land to be
Forever as it has always been

About The Author

David Norling
David Norling thinks of himself as becoming. The contexts within which the process of becoming takes place includes activities like owning and operating a carpet cleaning service, waking up with sentences that sometimes become poems, or apocalyptic aphorisms, and slow/walk/soaking in places of natural beauty. David dreams of Shalom and looks for opportunities to inspire others to consider possibilities that they’ve never imagined.  He collects his poems, musing, and other writings in a website: