Let This Be The Sunday

By Ryan Lugalia Hollon

Let this Be the Sunday


Let this be the Sunday when bigotry ends,

Let this be the Sunday when new dawns begin,

Let this be the Sunday when white hoods burn,

Let this be the Sunday when ancestors yearning

For justice find their joy


When every person –

Girl or boy

Cis or trans

Look around and sees God’s hand

Sees all the hues

For what they are

Beautiful tapestries cloaking stars


Let this be the Sunday

When lies lose their home


When White Supremacy ends

When Nazis are left alone

Far back in the past

In a history we’ve faced

Uprooting ignorance

Rejecting race


Let this be the Sunday

When we see things plainly


A horizon hijacked by hate


A country that waits for Faith, Hope, and Love

To show their faces

A nation that still expects

Brown and Black skinned people

To think their place is

On the other side;

Of town

Of borders

Of prison cells

Where they can make no demands that their lives matter


Now is the time

For Christ to rise again

In our hearts


Clearing out the temple

Writing names in the sand…


Let this be the Sunday

Let it be our plan

About The Author

Ryan Lugalia Hollon
Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, Ph.D, is the Program Director for Excel Beyond the Bell – San Antonio. He has worked in the youth development field for nearly twenty years. When not supporting young people, he enjoys writing poetry, living poetically, and spending time with the loved ones who inspire his words.


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