Lola Wright

ReImagining Community
with Lola Wright

Is there a role for spiritual community and practice in the modern world? Are the old traditions even relevant? In an age in which are institutions are collapsing, in which radical political action is called for, isn’t it a little self-indulgent to focus on spiritual stuff? The answer is, well, maybe. It depends.

Most of what passes for spiritual practice today is what I would call capitalist spirituality – spiritual practices that offer personal, individual salvation or happiness.

But we are at a moment in human history that is teaching us this fundamental truth: We are deeply interconnected. The individual self is empty, as Buddhism teaches; a person exists only in community, as described in the pan African concept of ubuntu. We are floating through the cosmos on this island planet together, entangled. We are in this together.

Spirituality’s fundamental task at this moment in history is to offer an antidote to loneliness, to the story that separates us. The question we all have is not so much about what happens to us after we die but whether or not we are alone in the Universe. If we are alone, no afterlife would be worth much; for me, even a blink of an eye with the possibility of true communion with others would be preferable to such an eternity.

Theodore Richards


“If you really knew me you’d know that I am grateful for the breakdown we are in. Let it all fall apart. The unworkability of our systems and structures must be exposed so that we experience sobriety. From that place we may imagine something new. Allow this time in human consciousness to call into question all of your assumptions, what you value, what you prioritize, what you depend on, and what you need. There is a universal demand being made. We are amidst an awakening.”

Lola Wright

Guest Bio

Lola is a fierce and loving entrepreneur, coach, and consultant with an electric and dynamic presence and an extraordinary ability to be in the moment. Lola has worked with the world’s leading global financial institutions, healthcare and technology startups, emerging and innovative non-profits, entrepreneurs, creatives, and cultural influencers. She has a unique capacity to connect with human beings seeking growth and change. Her ability to hear what isn’t being said is unparalleled and one of her greatest strengths.

Lola has a robust experience in supporting teams through transition and conflict. Lola has led in organizational settings during nearly a dozen significant mergers and acquisitions. Lola has an extraordinary understanding of nuance and the complex considerations of culture change. She supports the diverse experiences of impacted parties in transition and champions teams in designing sustainable “win for all” solutions.

Lola has spent over two decades developing her skills as a master communicator and facilitator. Lola has produced over 300 disruptively inspiring live events since 2014 including her most recent monthly experience highlighting some of the country’s most prolific artists and leaders marrying entertainment, current events, and community engagement.

Lola is trained as a certified 15 Commitments Coach with the Conscious Leadership Group, Coach with the Life Mastery Institute, Personal Integration Practitioner through Transformations: School of Integrative Psychology, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, Ordained Minister through Emerson Theological Institute and former Program Leader with Landmark Worldwide. Additionally, Lola held her Series 7 Securities License and Real Estate Brokers License for nearly two decades.

Lola is a wildly devoted partner to her husband with whom she facilitates couples coaching, classes, retreats, and workshops. She and her husband are master practitioners of the mundane and are raising four brilliantly creative children.

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