She Enters

By Mike Keating

Silently enters

A cue long

Since established

Ushering fun,

Sun, sand,

Trees, marshmallows

On a fire pit

Joyous days

For many


Summer solstice

Arrives with heralded


Enjoy natures


From cold

And dark

Enjoy natures



For we begin

On this same

Day a march

To other.


Why do I write poetry?

That is a simple question that I guess is the best way to start this explanation of my work.

Well, it is actually the, way I journal. I find myself writing at all times of the day, and within all types of situations. I can be sitting waiting to go into a meeting and I will find myself adding to my journal, in poetic form.

I can say that the early morning is maybe my most prolific time that I write. Not sure if it is because my busy day hasn’t started yet, or if it is because my mind is clear as to what I am involved in, but chaos hasn’t started to spin yet at that time of the day.

Poetry seems to be the tool I use to manage my thoughts and it settles me.

Then one time I posted one of my poems on my companies Facebook page. I was surprised to see the responses and the messages complimenting and thanking me for the uplifting poem.

Well, that’s when I started to realize that my poetry seemed to help others as well. That is now how I look at any post.

I do, even if I am not sure how a poem is going to settle with others, post it and I see how it goes. The responses still are positive and thus I continue to write, and hopefully inspire others to enjoy life, the good and the bad.

My favorite subject matter is of course nature. As a transcendentalist, I believe we can find peace and tranquility within nature, and we can find many answers to our own lives trials and tribulations just by looking at nature.

My goal now at this point in my life is to write, share and hopefully help someone.

I added some line drawings from an illustrator friend of mine, Michelle Elizabeth, to a few of the poems to add to the visual explanation of my thoughts within a poem.

These drawings give just a hint of what the tone of the poem is, and it allows for one more sensory tool to enter the overall aura of poetic art.

Hopefully this small introduction to my craft is a help to understand the goal of my writing and the reason why I do what I do…

About The Author

Mike Keating
Mike has been jotting down poetic verse since his sophomore English teacher, Mr. Healy, introduced free form poetry to the class. As an Emersonian philosopher, nature plays an important role in a transcendental way in many of Mr. Keating’s poetry. Nature becomes a clear metaphor for hopes, dreams, and sadness making way for resurrection possible. Mr. Keating is a well-known businessman and is a part time professor at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts.


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