White Man Witnessing

By Ryan Lugalia Hollon

This poem inspired by the Movement for Black Lives., At it’s core, it is a conversation with myself, amidst all the truth, learning, and power that is coming to light…


Can you see the genocide?

the fault of all

who stay inside?

Prophets spoke well

when they saw the end;

long standing lies

must break, not bend.

New world delivered

opposite riot gear,

faith reborn

while facing fear.


no longer disguised

as blind,

returns our stare

reads our mind:

She sees

all we have and haven’t done

slavery un amended

whips turned to guns;


her judgment comes

for centuries of violence;

condemning too

the quarter measures

from guardians of silence,

Our guilt, undeniable

our sentence far too light,

we try to dodge convictions

but she finds us, like the night.

About The Author

Ryan Lugalia Hollon
Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, Ph.D, is the Program Director for Excel Beyond the Bell – San Antonio. He has worked in the youth development field for nearly twenty years. When not supporting young people, he enjoys writing poetry, living poetically, and spending time with the loved ones who inspire his words.


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